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Swedish Dish Cloth - Waveena's Design
Swedish Dish Cloth - Waveena's Design

Swedish Dish Cloth - Waveena's Design


Add some beach vibes to your home! Inspired by the Scandinavian and German tradition of reusing natural dish cloths. With these you will never need paper towels again. 

Replace 17 rolls with just 1 dish cloth. It absorbs 20x its own weight. You save money, plastic packaging and waste. The super sponge!

1 Dish Cloth 8" x 6.75" - perfect to have next to the kitchen or bathroom sink


 70% FSC Certified Wood Pulp Cellulose from Europe

 30% Cotton from Europe

 Water Based Ink


Made in Europe and the USA.

The raw material is from Europe and all processing & printing is done in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


 Non-Toxic: All-natural, no synthetics, printed with non-toxic water based ink, hygienic (air dries quickly, doesn’t breed bacteria or smell)

 Zero waste: Long-lasting (won't crumble), reusable, plastic free, 100% biodegradable, compostable, package free

 Vegan: No animal-based ingredients

 Giving: SWEDEdishcloths is planting trees with a part of their profit

Eco-friendly: The wood pulp comes from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests. Cotton is a renewable material which can be harvested, regrown and harvested again. 



Simply rinse under water, squeeze out and use to soak up liquids or clean up crumbs, a mirror etc. Then rinse out, squeeze and lay over the faucet or sink to dry.

Can be used with just water, soap, or cleaners. Cleans counter tops, granite, stainless steel and glass. Cleans virtually streak-free.

MACHINE WASHABLE. Throw them in your laundry! You can wash them with your clothes up to 200 times.

For the longest life, AIR DRY them and never tumble dry in the dryer!

Can also be boiled to get sanitized.


SWEDEdishcloths prints these authentic, sustainable dishcloths. They are committed to protecting the environment. So they source their Wood Pulp from FSC certified re-growth forests and plant trees all over the world through their partnership with the non-profit SWEDEdishcloths has already funded the planting of over 1,700 trees.

They make these dish cloths from a unique blend of all-natural wood pulp cellulose and cotton fibers. Only half an ounce of these fibers is needed to make one cloth.