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Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural
Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural

Super Soft Lip Balm - Natural


This pure lip balm is not only beautiful but also made of only 4 ingredients! It is safe to use on ultra-sensitive skin and on babies because it is chemical-free and made with no essential oils. Soft to the touch, yet protective and with incredible staying power.


1 Lip balm 0.28 oz (2.5" tall) perfect to have handy wherever you go


 USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter from Ghana (regenerative)

 USDA Certified Organic Beeswax from Argentina (protective)

❤ USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from India (nourishing)

❤ Certified NON-GMO Vitamin E derived from Soy from Spain (stabilizing)

❤ Recyclable Cardboard Tube with Push-Pop Mechanic


Made in the USA.


  Non-Toxic: Certified organic and non-GMO ingredients, no synthetics, no chemical stabilizers or preservatives​, no parabens, phthalates and sulfates, only natural and clean ingredients

 Cruelty-Free: No animal testing

  Zero Waste: 100% recyclable and biodegradable tube with waste-reducing push-pop mechanic, plastic free (besides small sticker to seal)

 Eco-Friendly: Vitamin E from sustainably harvested soy (instead of palm oil which contributes to cutting down the rain forest), sustainably grown and harvested shea butter from protected parklands endorsed by the Global Shea Alliance, beeswax from a small farm


Take off the protective small sticker to open the tube. Use your finger to push the lip balm slightly up from below when needed. Enjoy!



Shea Brand was founded by three friends - Marie, Austin and Krystal. They came together from varying backgrounds with one common goal: to build a self-care brand, backed by science, that combines the most potent and effective raw ingredients into life-enhancing products that look beautiful and are sustainably produced.

With their strong focus on conscious living and customers’ real needs, Shea Brand aims to redefine beauty to build a positive and ethical connection between our health and wellbeing, our bodies, our city settings, and the natural world. This inspired all of their packaging design which is created by their designer-cofounders Krystal Vaquerano and Marie Arlet.


Through their packaging they want to communicate their love for and connection between us and the environment, capturing things they share as well as their differences.

The three friends believe that the prosperity of one doesn’t need to happen at the expense of the other. For this reason they take time to make conscious packaging-related decisions. All of their products are made with minimal-plastic, 100% recyclable packaging.


Photos: Shea Brand




is the core ingredient and one of the world’s most powerful natural, protective and cell-regenerative substances. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals and works to replenish important lipids in the skin. 


is often used as a balancing and thickening agent for balms. Beeswax is also an anti-inflammatory that has the ability to calm irritated skin. 


is one of the most widely used oils in natural cosmetics – and for good reasons. It’s a powerful antibacterial and natural moisturizer and has a rich fatty acid composition that helps stave off rancidity.

VITAMIN E (Tocopherol)...

is one of the world’s most powerful natural preservatives. It is especially effective when added to fat mediums like shea butter, as it can extend shelf life by up to 6 months. It’s because of this baby that they don’t need to use no damn chemicals. 

The vast majority of Vitamin E used in cosmetics are either manufactured synthetics or derived from Palm Oil - the most popular choice for natural Vitamin E (though also a controversial choice as the harvesting process is reported to contribute to mass deforestation). Shea Brand's Vitamin E, on the other hand, is derived from Soy, vacuum distilled, and sustainably harvested in Spain.

"Powerful, natural INGREDIENTS, and nothing else" - Shea Brand